The Texas Traveler Table Top: Perfect for On-The-Go Players

For the Texas Hold'Em player that is constantly on the go, premiere gaming accessories website Poker Gaming Products has introduced the Texas Traveler Table Top. This octagonal topper is designed to accommodate up to eight players, including the dealer, with each having his or her own dedicated chip and cup holder on the edge of the board. When unfolded, the item measures at 48" x 48" across, making it ideal for use on any standard option for folding or for use on a backyard patio. It could even fit easily in the dining room, if the game host was so inclined.

In addition to just the topper, this kit comes with a variety of accessories. First and foremost is the poker chips set, which is made up of 300 professional poker chips, and a durable case in which to store and transport them. It also includes 2 decks of cards, a heavy duty vinyl carrying case, and buttons that can be attached to the felt of the table to indicate the blinds and the dealer. For less than $50, this kit is a steal for even the most casual player. Folded, it measures only 24"x24", making it easy to store and even easier to transport.

There is nothing that can replace the experience of heading down to the local casino for a game of Texas Hold'Em, but the Texas Traveler Table Top does its level best to duplicate it. For many gamblers, it is much nicer to play in the comfort of their own homes, with their own friends, rather than going to a busy, smoky, bustling casino and playing amongst strangers. This item is ideal for those who prefer a more intimate style of gaming. It usually ships quickly, within one to two business days from the date that the order was placed. For shoppers who just can't wait to get the game started, there are a variety of faster shipping options available.

This kit comes with everything that a dealer could need to get the ball rolling, so to speak. For those who need more chips, more cards, or a host of other accessories, Poker Gaming Products is the ideal website. They offer a host of products, from cards, dice, and chips, to furniture and decorations created to help shoppers set up the perfect poker room. The Texas Traveler Table Top is just one of the hundreds of unique items that this site offers, all of the highest quality and always made with top of the line materials.