Buy Poker Chips Sets Online : Clay & Plastic For Great Value

From authentic casino poker chip sets to clay ones, there are many different varieties to choose from when you assemble your own poker set. Chip set cases also vary widely, from stately mahogany selections to classic aluminum cases. Learn all about poker chip sets, from 100-piece to 1,000-piece sets, and decide which types you prefer before you choose which one to purchase for your own use.

All of these poker chips sets are designed with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, ensuring that any set you purchase is worthy of daily use no matter how casual or formal the setting. The right set elevates your game to a professional feeling, as if you are in a high stakes tournament on national television while you play with your buddies during game night.

Each game chip is methodically checked for substantial quality and design. They must fulfill high standards for color, shape, weight, and general feel before they are allowed to pass inspection and sold to customers. They are even noise-tested to ensure a realistic sound during play. Composite resin, clay, and ceramic materials are all employed to create a wide variety of products suitable for all players' needs. Decorative edging is even added to assure a final realistic touch.

Card boxes are just as important as the products inside when you make your selection. Each box is designed to create a feeling of pride as its owner displays it or reverently takes it out to begin game play. Some cases are carefully lined with soft felt to help protect the contents and further the feeling of opulence as you remove them from the box.

Select a case of Texas Poker Store game chips that contains the type and amount of products as well as the case that you require for all of your card night needs. Larger sets come with up to one thousand pieces with heavy duty acrylic cases, providing you with plenty of pieces for heavy game play. Smaller sets are also available for casual home use for card night with friends and family.