Pick Your Poker Table

Playing poker with friends and family is an enjoyable pastime, but it can be difficult without the proper surface on which to play. Using poker tables at home takes your game to an entirely different level. Simulate the casino experience without the drive and crowds at home by learning about this type of furniture and selecting the perfect one for your needs.

With the right surface, your game will progress much more smoothly and in style. A felt surface helps cards glide across effortlessly and helps to prevent accidental peeking from cards twisting or turning over. Friction on the surface helps to prevent items from slipping or falling off as well. It creates a comfortable, Vegas like setting for your guests to enjoy while you keep your chips and cards organized. Pick a model with card holders to stay neat, or purchase a model with drink holders to have an even more impressive setup.

Various sizes are available to suit all spaces. Pick a large model to handle your heavy schedule with a big group, or buy a smaller folding option for the occasional get together. When you have very little space to begin with, consider buying a tabletop set that fits directly onto your existing furniture, easily converting it into a playing space in minutes without taking up the room a full-blown model would. Choose from premium, folding, and tabletop models.

Try a premium model when you need a set of good chairs to match your selection. Order custom designs to fit your favorite logo, initials, and other graphics that make it all the more attractive and interesting. Create your own design that matches your personality and home. Various colors of felt are also available for poker tables.

Pick a particular size, such as an oval or octagon, to enhance your space and set off your entire playing environment. Some folding options even come with their own carrying cases, making them easily portable for poker night at rotating households. Those not currently in stock may not be immediately available but you can ask about poker tables that aren't in stock to see if they can be picked up or delivered later.