Finding and Using a Texas Hold 'Em Padded Rail Table Topper

There's nothing quite like laying down a hand of stiff new playing cards on the green felt of a Texas Hold 'Em table in the local casino. Poker Gaming Products is hoping to replicate, if not match, that experience with the introduction of their new Texas Hold 'em Padded Rail Table Top. This portable product is designed using the highest quality materials available, and for less than $80, a host can replicate his or her favorite casino experience in the comfort of their own home. Measuring 36" wide by 79" long, this product can easily accommodate as anywhere from 8 to 10 players, depending on how friendly they are.

It is easy to move as well. While the size may seem daunting, it actually folds up to 36" x 27" and fits easily into the included heavy duty nylon carrying case. Made of ½" thick plywood and covered with casino-quality green felt, this fantastic item is easily moved from place to place or from home to home. The item ships quickly, usually within one to two business days from the date of order, but there are a number of faster shipping options for people who just can't wait to get their game started.

Rather than lining the edges with cup or chip holders, this item forgoes all of those extras in exchange for simplicity and comfort. The entire edge of the Texas Hold 'em Padded Rail Table Top is lined with padded vinyl, making it the perfect place for the players or spectators to rest their arms or elbows while placing bets, laying cards on the table, or simply watching. It is perfect for everyone, from the most casual gamer to the professional.

The site that provides these fantastic items is nearly as amazing as the products themselves. Shoppers can get everything that they may need, from chips and dice, to cards and other accessories, all in one place. Poker Gaming Products makes it simple to order everything that a player might need to host the game of his or her choice all from one easy to navigate website. The Texas Hold 'em Padded Rail Table Top is only one of the fantastic item choices that this online store offers, and the user friendly interface makes it easy for even the most inexperienced shopper to find exactly what he or she is looking for with a minimum of effort.