Why You Should Use a Texas Hold' Em Poker Table Topper

Texas Hold'Em is one of the world's most popular styles of poker, and its tournaments are watched by thousands of people every year. Now thanks to Poker Gaming Products, one of the best suppliers of gaming accessories on the web, a player can enjoy a casino-like experience from the comfort of his or her own home. The site has begun offering a Texas Holdem Poker table topper designed specifically for those who prefer the excitement of this game, and it comes complete with all of the features that one would expect when trying to duplicate a casino-like experience at home.

The Texas Holdem poker table topper is made of heavy duty water resistant padding topped with green felt to mimic those found at casinos around the country. This is surrounded by a thick nylon arm rest, fitted with 10 cup holders. At a whopping 78 inches long by 36 inches wide, it can easily accommodate 10 players, and the left over cup holders can double as chip holders to help keep the field clear. The cup holders are also removable, and replacements can be ordered directly from the website in case any inadvertently get lost. The bottom of the field is lined with vinyl to help protect whatever surface that it is set upon.

There's no need to limit the fun to one player's house. This fantastic item is infinitely portable, though a little on the heavy side. Though it weighs in at a hefty 45 pounds, the Texas Holdem Poker table topper is designed to fold up and be easily tucked away in a specialized nylon bag with heavy duty straps for easy transport. As long as a sufficiently large table or counter can be found, users can enjoy a hand of casino style Texas Hold'Em anywhere.

Players can duplicate the casino experience anywhere for less than $100, which is much less than a trip to the local gambling hall. Items are kept in stock at all times and usually ship between one to two business days. There are a number of express shipment options for those who just can't wait to get their game started. Poker Gaming Products has all the accessories that a player could need to get the best gaming experience possible, including high quality cards, chips, and score tables, just to name a few. An item like this is almost too good to pass up for anyone who enjoys a regular game of Holdem or even just the occasional casual hand of cards.