The World's Biggest Poker Tournaments

Regular poker players might already feel the challenge every time they play in online and land-based games. Either they place real money wagers or just virtual credits, poker players should be ready as they face opponents around a small table. But what if we bring this challenge in a bigger stage with a larger wager and jackpot at stake, will they still have their A-game against experienced poker tournament players? But before they get to answer these, here are some of the biggest and most famous tournaments in the world. Thanks to the fast-paced growth of VR online casinos, today's players have the privilege to be part of them without being physically present - one of the perks of 21st-century gambling.

World Series of Poker

Since it's boom in the mid-2000s, World Series of Poker or WSOP has gained its prominence among new, regular, and interested poker players all over the world. The first WSOP tournament was launched in 1970 with a small gathering hosted by Benny Banion. Since then has been regarded as the largest and most prestigious gaming tournament being advertised and televised globally. This significant gaming tournament happens every year and is as popular as the Super Bowl or Major League Baseball.

During this event, thousands of players around the world gather in Las Vegas to win huge jackpots at stake in different poker tournaments hosted in WSOP. One of the highlights during this one-of-a-kind tournament is the Texas Hold'em main event wherein players place a $10,000 buy-in, no-limit, stake. The winner of this event is hailed the best poker player in the world.

Other winners also get special tournament bracelets which area regarded as important emblems during the WSOP. Learn more about the WSOP and the tournament games.

World Poker Tour

Another tournament to watch out for is the annual World Poker Tour or WPT. Since 2002, it has been regarded as one of the largest tournament series up to date. Its gaming events are usually held in the US and some parts of the world. Just like WSOP, all WPT tournaments are televised and promoted throughout the gaming season.

As the season ends, WPT Championships will now commence with a $25,000 buy-in championship round. The winner will be crowned as the tournament's champion.

There are also similar major poker tour events like Five Diamond World Poker Classics and LA Poker Classics available for poker players worldwide.

European Poker Tour

World poker tour players can also participate in the European Poker Tour or EPT which is sponsored by Pokerstars. This world-class tournament is considered as one of the biggest tournaments in the industry today - with over 974 million TV viewers throughout the season. It is also regarded as Europe's richest gaming series to date.

Other major tourneys happening in this region include The Barcelona Open, European Poker Classics in London, The Irish Winter Tournament in Dublin, The Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen, and The French Open in Deauville. These poker tournaments also happen annually and across Europe.

Online Poker Tournaments

But if players are not yet ready to conquer the big leagues, they may opt to participate in various poker tournaments available online. These include a wide array of multi-table and sit-and-go poker tournaments which vary on wagering requirements and payout equivalents. Visit CasinosFranceEnligne site to find in what online casinos you can play real money poker tournaments, and other casino games from the famous Pragmatic Play publisher.

Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) are commonly used in most online poker sites. Players need to pay a certain amount of buy-in fee before they get a number of chips. When the chips run out, players are out of the tournament - unless it's a rebuy tourney wherein they can buy another set of chips. Winning in MTTs are challenging for most experienced poker players but once they succeed, it's a sure hit for the winner. Players can check different casinos online for more poker events.

On the other hand, Sit-and-Go (STG) tournaments host one or two tables per game which instantly starts as soon as all seats are taken. This tournament usually begins in two minutes or less - some huge poker sites quickly commences this type of tourneys which makes it difficult for players to secure a seat. Payout amounts are normally rewarded to the game's top three players, depending on the number of active tables.

STG is considered as the best format for new players to try if they would like to experience a challenging poker tournament with a limited number of opponents on the table.

Other online poker tourneys include Shootout, Turbo, and Bounty tournaments which also reward huge jackpot amounts and bonuses.