Poker/Blackjack Table Top Brings Vegas to Your Home

The best way to have an authentic card playing experience at home is to use a poker/blackjack table top in your games. A regal looking, quality top that is reversible for both games will serve you best when you invite guests over to play. Skip the casino trip and use the same types of professional casino resources in the comfort of your own home.

Playing cards at home is so much easier with a 2 in 1 folding poker/blackjack tabletopper It can be difficult to cram all of your friends at one kitchen table, but this easily helps you fit up to eight people around the game without any effort. Each side is specifically designed for either poker or blackjack so you can also effortlessly flip it for additional game play, or try alternating games each week for some fun variety.

Soft, high quality felt lines both sides of the topper, producing an elegant and professional grade appearance that will be the envy of friends and family who sit there. Individual game chip trays are nestled at each player spot, providing players with chip security as well as comfort as they play. In addition to these features, drink holders are also present for each individual, providing additional convenience. Both the chip trays and drink holders are removable.

Its particle board composition makes the topper combo lightweight and simple for storing or transporting. At only 18 pounds, most people can carry it with ease. Folding the table condenses its shape and makes it much simpler to carry. It comes with a secure, heavy duty carrying bag made from nylon material. With its durable strap, the bag prevents uncomfortable hand-carrying and back strain. Simply store the table within its carrying case and take it with you without any hassle.

Cut down the size and bulky awkwardness of the table you already use for game night and try a folding poker/blackjack table top instead. Reduce the space your gear takes up to a simple 2 feet by 4 feet space so you can set up game time anywhere.