3 in 1 Table Topper Perfect for the At Home Player

Poker Gaming Products is one of the best sites on the web for gambling supplies. For over a decade, they have provided premium chips, cards, dice and other accessories to anyone that needed them. One of the newest items the site offers is the 3 in 1 poker table topper. This top of the line item is perfect for anyone who wants a little variety in their gaming, without having to purchase half a dozen different things. This allows users to employ one item to play poker, craps, and roulette, all in one.

This table topper can accommodate up to eight players, including the dealer, with each having his or her own dedicated chip storage and cup holder. The cup holders can even serve as a place for dice, small chips or markers, or anything other small items that could make a mess of things - or for drinks, which could also make an enormous mess if the player's aren't careful. The field itself is made of black casino quality felt to help extend the casino experience into the home. Definitely use the cup holders, though, as felt doesn't stand up well to beer or soda.

It's as easy for anyone to take this mat to a friend's house as it is to set it up in his or her own home. The tri-fold styling makes for easy storage, and the mat also comes with a heavy duty nylon bag for easy carrying. This fantastic design allows people to take their gambling experience anywhere that there is a location large enough to accommodate the 3 in 1 poker table topper. It can even bet set up on the floor for ease of play, provided the users are nimble enough to make their way back up from the floor.

It takes very little effort to switch the 3 in 1 poker table topper between the three available games. The mat comes with three interchangeable plates for each style of play. For less than $80, gamblers can take their at home gaming experiences to a whole new level. Gone are the days of dusty table tops and sticky soda circles that glue cards to the table. People can bring the joy and excitement of the casino experience directly into the home. Items ship quickly, usually within one to two business days, though there are express options for those who just can't wait to get the game started.