Best Toppers To Host Your Own Home Poker Games

A foldable poker table top is a great way for novice and professional players alike to enjoy the game at home or on the go. American gamblers enjoy the true game setup, and there are many different topper options from which consumers can choose all of which are based upon their budgets and needs.

The first option, of course, is the stand-alone option. Rather than an actual topper that can be fitted to existing furniture, this is an actual piece of furniture that folds up for easy storage. It seats up to 10 people, making it a great choice for anyone who regularly hosts games at home. It features plenty of cup holders for everyone, too, so that drinks do not get spilled all over the cards - or the brand new furniture! This is the way to go for someone who prefers to play in a basement or area where a such a setup does not currently exist.

The oval folding poker table top is a great choice for anyone who wants to play in a room where some furniture already exists. Many players invite their friends over and make their way to the dining room table or even the card table in the basement, but these tables have slick surfaces can make playing the game a bit tricky. For a real casino-like experience, the padded oval option is soft and comes with cup holders to keep messes out of the way for good! It can be taken out of the closet, unfolded, and laid across the table for simulated casino play. These types of toppers come in many different shapes to fit furniture of all kinds.

The Texas Holdem foldable poker table top is the perfect addition for anyone who regularly hosts Texas Holdem games or attends them at friends' homes. It is constructed from wood, lined with felt and contains places that are clearly marked for chips, the shoe, and the flop, turn and river. This makes playing simply seem more professional than before, and everyone will love the holders that are in place for unused chips, drinks and more. This option is a bit more 'clunky' than the others and therefore more difficult to transport, but it fits easily enough into a trunk and weighs less than 15lbs.

Finally, there are options for players who want a multifunctional piece of gambling hardware. For instance, there are two-in-one blackjack and poker options that can be reversed in different situations, making it easier for gambling aficionados to enjoy real-life casino gameplay. Many of these come in their own travel cases, as well, making them perfect for that gambler who regularly visits friends and family to enjoy the game. It is lightweight, easy to set up and put away, easy to clean, and even easier to store. It is octagonal in shape but still fits nicely on tables of just about any shape. Overall, players who want the most for their money should consider a two-in-one option.