Review of the worlds most popular Poker Room

One of the largest poker rooms available online, Party Poker is a popular card playing destination that regularly receives high reviews and critical acclaim from both site reviewers as well as game players who frequent the gambling hub. Their competition, promotional offers, customer service, community ethics, and security are all benefits that players say keep them coming back for more on a daily basis.

No Party Poker review would be complete without mentioning just how popular the website is. The card playing website has more users than any other website, a fact that is largely due to the site's acquisition of the broadcasting rights of the World Poker Tour. Because of the site's huge international presence, there are always people crammed at all of the tables, engaging in every level of play.

The security and customer service at the site are considered excellent. Itech Labs regularly audits the website, as it is listed on the London Stock Exchange Market. Financial transparency is completely disclosed by the company, allowing the public to see all of the business's financial information and security details. Customer support is available for users via a 24-hour hotline as well as through email feedback, ensuring that every user's questions and concerns can be handled at all times.

Light-hearted play at the website is another reason why it remains such a popular destination for game enthusiasts. Soft, loose play is a trademark of the company, which entices newcomers to the site even more strongly. This is especially true for the lower stakes games that are available, though some other games also remain soft, such as the $2/$4 in No Limit.

Various game promotions are a key part of the site that fans truly get excited about. Since there are so many fans flocking to the site on a daily basis, the company is well-off enough to offer an extensive amount of bonuses that simply dwarf competitor sites. Live events like the game's Million Tourney on a cruise ship and the Sunday 3000K Guarantee are just two examples of fan favorites that come up in any great Party Poker review.