Is Casino Hermes A Cut Above Many Of The Established Casinos?

Quite a lot of players are excited about the emergence of a new online casino that has sprung up out of the UK. Some even claim that it is set to change the online gaming world. That is a rather provocative and sweeping statement in terms of describing Casino Hermes, could anything really be as good as that?

One thing is for certain and that is that the Casino Hermes is a recently launches casino and although based in the UK for some reason is actually registered in Montenegro.

It has to be said that at first glance there is a very polished look to their website. Many casinos tend to overload players with way too much information all in one go and it's impossible to feel at ease. Not the case here it's good to report. Everything looks very clutter free. Let's delve deeper and see what they're all about.

A lot of familiar games allow the user to feel right at home. They have games of Craps and Keno, classic slots, Progressive slots, Roulette, Video Poker, Bingo and Blackjack as well, to name but a few.

With 24/7 round the clock support offered to all new players regardless of the time, night or day or the time zone one is playing in, there will always be competent advice should there be any kind of problem.

Be it in funding a new account, familiarizing oneself with some of the rules or the technical aspects of unfamiliar gaming software, help is close at hand, should it be required and there is no need to fear!

Just embrace this brand new experience, as it actually is a little bit different than what one usually expects. Certainly for slot players if one is adventurous this should certainly get ones interest right away.

This is bound to make for a pleasant experience, so why not enjoy!

Expect to become fans of new popular slots the likes of Sugar Rush, Diablo 13, Reel Gangsters and the New Tales Of Egypt slot, was there an old version that has yet to be seen?

What for table games? Any table enthusiast is bound to enjoy sourcing the different games available to play and as for a Casino Hermes Welcome bonus offering up to $1000 on one's first 3 deposits, one had better act quick. Will they really change the online gaming world, why not use some free casino money and find out now!